Dungeon Thoughts

Hello again,

I'm currently doing the update for the Dungeon environment (a lot early than expected), so I'm checking some references on the internet. From real ones and games alike. 

One thing I notice is that the current tileset is too well "constructed". I mean, for a dungeon, the bricks are identical, very firm and well keep. It's like recently constructed, something that it should NOT be. They should be old, well placed, but erratic and some parts destroyed. Also, normally the colors are very brown-ish, either from the fire lights or the materials used for its construction.

So I guess I should revamp the Dungeon assets, to be as they should be.

So it comes the next question: What do I do with the current version? Well, I thought about it and they are still useful. So they could become a new environment, with a few changes and more assets.

Please leave a comment about your thoughts or about want do you want to see on them.

See you!

- Shackhal

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A more cave-like, brownish-reddish, underground Dungeon would be a really useful addition! If you go that direction, you could revise the current Dungeon tileset to be more of a polished above-ground Castle.

Yes, that's what I'm thinking. A brownish/reddish dungeon is more appropriate. And the current dungeon to become as a stronghold/castle tileset.

Now that I have 2 tilesets to do, it should take a bit more time to do it. But I hope to finish it in late June or early July.