Current State and Future Update

Hello everyone!

Wow, more than a year and a half has passed since the last update. Too much time has passed.

A lot of things has passed since that day. And sorry for not updating you with some info about whats going on. 

Simply, I was focused on another stuff all this time. A project or business not officially launched yet, my own work and now my studies (I want to have more knowledge, you know?). All of that keeps me from doing more updates. But now I am free, where my work and my studies are on hold for a few months. So I said: Why not? Let's make more environments.

So for this winter (well, it's summer for me) I will make some updates for this one, while I finish the game I added on a few months ago. So expect to receive some new content for this asset package.

Also, it's December, with all the holidays coming up and sales with it. So I also join them, with 33% off until the end of the year.

So have fun! And Merry Christmas :D


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I hope you've survived through the pandemic. Do you still plan on updating this pack? :)

Hi Mongolian,

Yes, I survived :D . And currently I’m making the next one, after a long pause.

So you can expect to get a new environment in the short future.

Also, thanks for your question, because you remembered me to update the posts here xD

No problem. :) Glad to hear all is well, and I look forward to the update!