Multi Platformer Tileset Update! And Another Things...

Hello everyone! It was a long time indeed.

The last update was 4 years ago, before I begun to neglect this project for other works. I promised to add more environments to the tileset, but I didn’t keep it. I’m sorry for it.

So I have come here to amend that.

Today I released a new update. The changes are as follow:

  • Some Grassland and Snowland’s background layers were fixed for better contrast and readability.
  • The Grassland’s background got 1 more layer.
  • Some background layers were cropped to eliminate the transparency section.
  • Some Grassland’s terrain tiles were changed for better contrast.
  • Some unnecessary Grassland’s props were deleted.
  • Each environment’s props (I called them “Details” before) were grouped as a spritesheet. Don’t worry, as I keep them separately too.

This is the least I can do, as my skill improved after all this time. And for now, I will add more environments to the package. And I will begin with the one I leave it on hiatus before.

Also, I don’t think we need the Discussion board anymore, so I’m changing it to a “Comments” section one. Simpler sometimes is better.

Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you all for your patience.

Have fun.

  • Shackhal


Multi Platformer 416 kB
Aug 08, 2022

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Cool tiles!